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Hands are never too small to get creative


Do you love  being  creative  but  are struggling to fit it into your new child friendly schedule since your lil’ sprout arrived? 

If so  you’re in  the  right  place!

Sprout  Creative’s  workshops  will  give  you  as  much  of  a  creative  workout as  your  lil’ sprout. Not  only  is  it  the  perfect  bonding  time  for  you  both,  but you’ll also  leave with a creative masterpiece that’s as unique as your lil’ sprout. (Even better you don't need to worry about cleaning up after!)

Each  workshop  will  focus  on  a  different  theme, step to step guidance will be provided by your Sprout Creator  and  you  and  your  little  sprout will work together to create something unique. How  creative you want  to  get  along  the  way  is  completely  up  to the two of you!

All  materials  are  provided  (unless  otherwise  stated  on  the  workshop  description). All  you and  your  lil’  sprout  need  to  do  is,  book  a  place,  turn  up  in  clothes  you  aren’t too precious  about  and  have  baby play fun  getting creative together.  

So  come  meet  other like  minded  creatives  and  their  lil’  sprouts!

Each  workshop  is  aimed  at  a  particular  sprout  age,  from 1 day olds to activities for toddlers and beyond. If  you’d  like  to  join  in  a workshop and  your  little  one  doesn’t fall  into  the  age  category  then  drop  us  a  line  before  booking.  Often we‘ll be able to offer age appropriate alternatives during the workshop.

Sprouting Space


  • Currently sprouting in Old Spitalfields Market Workshop Space
  • Growing seeds and coming soon to West London

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Would you love to join a Sprout Creative baby class but can’t find one close to you? 

Get in touch, tell us where you’d like to see us sprouting up! (It can be further afield than London)

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